Some People Think I’m Cool

“In the 3 years I’ve known Bailey as her advisor and teacher, she has been a campus organizer, mentor to first-year students, and intellectually curious student. She is well-versed in policy debates and has a passion for global justice. Personally, I find Bailey to be mature, thoughtful, sharp-witted and self-confident. She falls easily into the top 10% of graduates I have taught.” –Kedron Bardwell, PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science at Simpson College

“Bailey was very efficient, smart, proactive and very thorough in her work. She was timely, dependable and worked as a team member very well. She also had a great attitude and always wanted to contribute to the team.” –Sharon Singh, Media Relations Director at Amnesty International USA.

“Bailey made a very valuable contribution, and I really appreciated her cheerful smile and positive attitude.” –Gwen Fitzgerald, Managing Director, Communications at Amnesty International USA

“Bailey was a wonderful representative of Simpson College. Visiting families often remarked how helpful and knowledgeable she was. She is responsible and creative.” –Debra Lord, Simpson College Campus Visit Coordinator

“When it comes to enthusiasm for her work and passion for making a better world, there aren’t many people who can beat Bailey Harris. She’ll devote herself heart and soul to her work for a worthy cause.” –Brian Steffen, PhD, Professor & Chair of the Communications Department at Simpson College

“Bailey and I worked together through Student Government. At meetings Bailey always had insightful comments on current issues and was always looking to find solutions to problems the general student population had. She was passionate about her work and her constituents were always on the forefront of her mind. Bailey was also involved in a great number of other campus activities and was always busy.” –Kyle Liske, Student Body President 2008-2009

“As a Student Ambassador for Simpson College Bailey did an awesome job when communicating with potential students. Her ability to talk to anyone and share her experiences at Simpson I believe really benefited the college.” –Allison Wittry, Simpson College Student Ambassador


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